Day 7

Day 7 Character Portraits
Day 7 Character Portraits



An apocalyptic fairy tale.




In a pristine, ethereal forest, a group of benevolent mercenaries fight against a notorious brotherhood of assassins to protect a powerful resource that enables everything from healing to time travel.




Day 7 is a fantasy/sci-fi short film that will transport you to a world that’s like ours but with its own unique properties, history, and lore.  Day 7 tells a simple story from one small corner of this world and is our first step in bringing stories from this world to the screen.


The look, pacing, and themes of Day 7 are rooted in some of the films that have most affected us and lit our imaginations:  Paths of Glory, Star Wars, The Dark Crystal, and Seven Samurai to name a few.


Day 7 takes place in a world that was once grand and beautiful, but has slowly crumbled due to the catastrophic repercussions of time travel-based wars.  The contrast of beauty and grit, opulence and destruction set the tone for the type of stories that exist here.


Because of the once-rampant use of time travel, tradition clashes with modernity.  There’s a mish mash of Victorian elements with Verne-esqe touches alongside advanced weapons and technology.  There's also a touch of mysticism in this world, and cosmic ores that have many properties from healing to time travel.


Seven mercenaries, brought together by a resilient and principled woman, rally behind a young, enigmatic leader to protect a mystical forest.  The ancient forest is under siege by a ruthless corporation and its brutal steam-powered machines.  The mercenaries quickly realize the true danger when they come up against a notorious brotherhood of assassins with a personal vendetta.  


Old foes will face each other, old friends will be lost, and the repercussions of this seven-day standoff will ripple throughout the entire world.

Day 7 focuses on the relationships of the mercenaries and the thrilling battle between them and the assassins.  Through dialogue and production design, we'll give a glimpse into the history and lore of this unique world. Day 7 ends with only one survivor, and a hint at the new mission on which she'll embark.


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