Return of Hours



Everything was beautiful.




In an alternate universe ravaged by a time-travel based war, one man must fight against everything he knows to harness the now scarce power of time travel to save his wife from certain doom. Battling the betrayals of those he once trusted, the lawless world and the ruthless mobsters who rule it - even battling time itself, he will uncover the dark truth behind an even darker world.




Return of Hours is a high-concept thriller firmly planted in science fiction and action, with a nod to the largely unexplored steampunk movement. On the surface, the film is a harrowing, action-packed adventure set in an alternate universe, but its roots extend deep into the worlds of drama and mystery.


As the film has both grittiness and romanticized moments, the visual style will reflect this. Using the Victorian age as inspiration, much of the film will be shot in a classic, elegant and timeless way. Yet, there are darker moments, and these will be captured with a more modern influence, using cinema verite as to add realism and grit. This will mirror the world itself, which was once a very elegant and beautiful place but now exists beneath layers of dust, rust, and grime. It’s operatic, yet very dirty and personal. 

Concept Art